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Dec 18
Zestful Summer Radiance: A Symphony of Oranges and Lemons

Say hello to our newest fragrance, sun-kissed with citrus, an invitation to revel in an exhilarating summer experience. Scented with natural essential oils & created with natural ingredients, that are perfect for the entire family. Oranges and Lemons brings a burst of zesty fresh aroma, whilst carrying a host of revitalising benefits. Oranges, renowned for […]

Dec 18
Elevate Your Dining Experience: The Artistry of 100% South African Linen Tablecloths and Tea Towels

The essence of craftsmanship and cultural richness come together to create truly extraordinary pieces in our latest linen collection.  The 100% linen tablecloths and tea towels are not just functional pieces; they are timeless works of art that add a touch of classic elegance to any home. The natural linen fibres lend a luxurious feel, […]

Oct 12
Unlock Pure Luxury with Our New Product Range: Berry & Bergamot

In a world where self-care is paramount, we believe in crafting luxury into your daily routine. With our latest scent, Berry & Bergamot, we invite you to indulge in a truly captivating experience. These natural essential oils not only bring an enchanting aroma but also offer a wealth of healing properties. Bergamot is renowned for […]

Apr 04
Make room for something new… room’s beautiful debut product range

Autumn is knocking on the window, but we’re not quite ready to say farewell to Summer’s balmy weather and al fresco ambience. It’s in this spirit that we couldn’t be more excited to introduce our new collection of luxury lifestyle products to you. If you’re a longstanding friend of The Room Key brand, you’ll know […]